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Mold Remediation Houston

Are you looking for a mold restoration company in Houston to help you in the least intrusive way? At , we offer the best professional mold restoration services. We take pride in doing the job right the first time. We have a professional team of mold-remediators, trained and licensed by the state to rid your home of mold.

We start with determining the extent of mold infiltration and then begin the remediation process. Whether it is mildew, mold, or black mold affecting your business or home, we are efficient in treating all types of mold problems caused by water damage, poor ventilation, high moisture, leaking pipes, and ceilings.

First Rate Mold Remediation in Houston 

Our staff offers professional mold restoration services for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial settings. To us, safety of our staff and satisfaction of our clients comes first, so we use the safest products that can purge your property of mold while ensuring that our workers are in a safe environment. We are constantly evolving to improve our mold removal houston services through the latest products, technology, and new mold remediation equipment. We take pride in outperforming our competition while following the IICRC-S520 standards.

mold removal in houston

Sanitized Equipment

Mold begins to form when humidity, temperature conditions are ideal for their growth within a property. It usually forms in hidden or exposed places on your property, that is, behind a furniture set or cabinet, or within a wall, or in an attic.

We are familiar with the vulnerable areas where mold can form and target on them to clean your space. We focus on hygiene and safety and change air filters on our hepa machines so that there is no cross-contamination. If the cleaning equipment has dirt or debris, it can be a breeding ground of mold spores, which can then be transferred to another property from contamination on the equipment.

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In Houston, mold restoration experts like us can offer you:

Mold removal and remediation services
• Mold mitigation and reconstruction services
• Water damage mitigation services
• Leak detection and repair services
• Black Mold Removal services
• Mold Damage Repair services
• Odor removal services
• Mold Prevention services


We are a #1 rated mold removal company, working efficiently to prevent further damage to property, ensuring a clean, mold-fee property your family or work-family.